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Review: Rush

Rush - Eve Silver

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Rush was a good read! I am not salivating with a need to fangirl, but I enjoyed the ride Eve Silver took us on!


The first thing I loved about the book was Miki Jones. She's sassy, a little messed up, and a stellar main characters. She's got a voice that's unique and had me flipping pages. Also, of course, I liked Jackson. Even though I normally get frustrated with the "I'm mysterious and will answer all of your questions in one syllable... or less" type. However, in Rush, his antics made me smile and generally curious. It helps that Miki is just as exasperated with him as we are. Also, inside he is pretty sweet. I liked learning his back story!


The gaming aspect of the novel was awesome! I am not much of a gamer but it was super, super cool to learn terms. It was creative on the author's part! I do wish I got to learn more about the aliens... hopefully in the next book!

Overall, I absolutely recommend Rush. There's action and humor and interesting characters. Also, it goes by so, so fast. The ending was like ...BAM!


4/5 stars

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