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Dreamer (Dreamerbound, #1)

Dreamer (Dreamerbound, #1) - Nicole  Thomas Dreamer was a delightful read! Not only was I easily immersed into Anna and Liam's story, I also was rooting for both characters the entire time. This book is perfect for readers looking for a quick and creative novel with a easy-to-read writing style and a real cool ending!

The book starts off with introducing us to to the dark world of Anna who lives in fear that she will hurt those closest to her. Liam has never known such a fear, but he does know that his mother vanished because of the dreams. How can the start not intrigue you?

Anna and Liam, as stated above, were both amazing characters. In my interview with Nicole, she stated that Anna was originally written in third person. I am very glad that Nicole changed the viewpoint to first person as I loved, loved, loved reading through Anna's perspective. I felt like she a relatable yet dark character. Who can blame her with her past? I am ever so glad that I am not a dreamer!

Then, we had Liam. Personally, I felt like Liam was a pretty awesome character. His chapters were distinctly different than Anna's, which I felt compelled to point out after all the controversy about a certain book's (Allegiant's) changing POVs that were confusing and blended together. The voice of Liam was considerably brighter than Anna's and I always knew who was narrating.

I feel like the quote below sums up Liam perfectly and I also must add that he has some pretty humorous lines. Here is Liam in Nicole's words:

"Liam is a very unique individual... He compliments Anna's darker scenes with ones that give readers a chance to digest what's just happened. I also adore his personality."

Now, I must compliment the utter brilliance of the ideas presented in Dreamer. The author's creativity is astounding and the idea of Dreamers intrigued me from the very beginning. Also, the action and revelations just keep on coming, so the reader is never bored. I especially liked the ending. I am anxiously awaiting the next book!

If Dreamer sounds up your alley, you should most definitely pick it up today. October 28th is indeed the release date!

4/5 Stars