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Atone: A Fairytale - Jessica Grey I really enjoyed Atone! The novel is an amazing fairytale and I will most definitely check out more books from Jessica Grey. Here is an author to look out for! Her fairytale books are absolute gems.

This book is the perfect length. I read Atone in two quick sittings and was satisfied with all the great development, and how there were no drawn out scenes. I'll be picking this book up agin for a second reading when I am in the mood for an action-y, humorous, romantic, fast paced book. However, this is in no way a thick book, so make sure you remember it is a quick read!

One of my favorite thing about Atone was the magic aspect. I loved, loved, loved all the fae, magic creatures, spells, mirrors, portals and the rest of the imaginative traits. Also, the author is clear and precise with these details so I was never left confused or just not believing the logistics of the magical world, as I often to do with ill thought out fantasies. Who doesn't love a well done, fun fantasy?

My absolute favorite parts about Atone, however, were the characters. I loved the trio of Becca, Alex, and Lilia. They have memorable, fun banter and their friendship is highly believable, sweet, and humorous. Becca, a part of the trio and our main character, was a very likable heroine. Never did I think of her as whiny, cliche, or unoriginal. She also has some pretty good lines. I guarantee you will smile at the dialogue. Also, when mentioning great characters I have to mention Nicholas. He was such a great character with definite development. I loved seeing him grow kind and thoughtful!

Overall, Atone is a more than worth your time. Fairy tale lovers should pick up this novel. Also, prepare for a few laughs, a great plot, awesome magic, a fun trio, and a killer romance! And that ending was pretty much perfect. I am always hard on endings, yet Atone's was sweet but not boring, cliff-hanger-y or with a lot of loose threads.