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By Blood (By Blood #1)

By Blood (By Blood #1) - Tracy E. Banghart By Blood by Tracy E. Banghart was an extremely entertaining read, and I would definitely recommend the book to fans of Young Adult Paranormal. The story is one you will read in one sitting, and I will definitely get my hand on the sequel, Moon Child, sometime soon.

The main character, Emma, was fun to read about. She felt real, vivid, and she is in no way a wishy-washy character. Another one of my favorite characters was Josh, who I found sweet, and Emma's new friend, Ash. However, I did not like Simon, who I kind of hated from the start. I kind of wished Emma had the same feelings as me about him.

I also liked the family drama aspect in the novel. It is very relatable, and, as the author states in the interview below, both of the parents are alive. *Whew* Also, I found it more amusing than I should have that Emma called her brother Fermin "Vermin". I liked the way things turned out in the end.

Now, may I mention the setting? Oxford, England was an amazing place to set By Blood! I have always wanted to go to England... and it is England! Who couldn't love a book set there? I also feel that the author is passionate about the setting, which brings much more life to the story and writing.

The only problem I had with this book is that sometimes Emma seemed a little too naive, especially about Simon. However, I know this was just a way to show she was flawed. That doesn't mean I didn't want to shake some reality into her sometimes. Fortunately for her, she continued to redeem herself with her bright personality.

The pacing was perfect, and kept me on my seat. The writing is mysterious, funny, scary, and an array of other type of tones. So, really, you will enjoy this book no matter what mood you are in. I would also call this s "quick and addicting read" so don't be afraid to pick it up! You will have it finished in no time. There are literally no boring parts.

Overall, I really enjoyed By Blood and would award it a shining 3.8 stars! It is an amazing read, and highly recommended by me. There is a great heroine, an adorable love interest, and great mystery/paranormal aspects. Also, I loved the dialogue and the way it flowed realistically and didn't seem forced. Go pick up this book!

-----3.8/5 Stars----