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Such Great Heights (A Novel)

Such Great Heights (A Novel) - Chris    Cole More like 2.5 stars, only because I do think there was some powerful dialogue. Overall though, the book wasn't what I had hoped.

I understand there had to be swearing in this book. I mean, most of the guys in the book are the type that would spew curse words like candy. Yet, somehow it just caused my teeth to grind. So, for fair warning, if swearing in a big "no" for you, don't pick up this book. Also, I just wanted to say that swearing almost never bothers me in books. Hey, it is realistic. People swear.

Also, I never felt for the characters, although one of the lessons is that the characters did kind of bring misfortune upon themselves. And, the main character, Charlie felt quite bland. He was not likable, or possess any other kind of amiable quality.

Honestly, this book was downright depressing until the last few pages. (I liked the ending.) I know, it is probably supposed to be but... I would recommend a sort of depressing book, perhaps, The Fault in Our Stars over Such Great Heights.

In the end, I do believe some people will love this book, however, I didn't get much out of it. Also, I am sorry for this sloppy review. As you can tell, my thought were scattered involving Such Great Heights!

*I received this book from Firstreads, which in no way altered my 100% honest review.