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The Time Fetch

The Time Fetch - Amy Herrick Warning: this review is very ramble-y.

I'm REALLY sorry, this was a DNF for me.

When I received this book I was super excited, despite the fact Middle Grade books and I have a love/hate relationship. The premise sounded so interesting! And, I am very fond of the cover. (Alert: Cover Snob coming your way...)

Anyway, the reason I stopped reading in that I felt the characters were flat... and two things just got on my nerves.

1. The main character knocks over a girl's purse because everyone knows that all girls hate it when their purse's contents are spilled onto the floor. And of course, "girly junk" comes flying out. And then the girl continues to growl in fury at him.

UGH! There are so many things wrong with that scene. First, hmm, a bit stereotypical? Hmm?

I know that this won't bother most people, but... I don't know, it just got on my nerves. (As I have stated above already.)

2. The author uses these annoying phrases left and right. Probably because this is MG... but I am a middle-schooler and I know that back in 3rd-5th these childish phrases would still get on my nerves.

(Note: These are from an ARC. So, they may be different in the hardbound copy.)

"A bee up her butt"
"As if a bird had just pooped on his desk"
"Wowie Zowie"
"Sunshiny Smile"

So, in other words, this book was just not for me. To try to end this review on a good note, I am going to list a quick few things that made it less of a "truly terrible" read and more of a "dislike-a-bit" read.

1. There was some sarcasm I appreciated.

2. I believe whole-heartedly the book would have gotten better if I got through the beginning. I just couldn't make it through though. Ergh. I did kind of scan the middle and end...

3. The plot was decent and creative.

So, bye! And if you TRULY think you would like this book, check out the positive reviews along with the negatives to make your decision. Also, ask friends (That is how I do it. Not that I am a genius or anything.) Thank you for reading!

P.S this is 100% honest despite winning the book on First Reads.