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Perception - Viviana Ware Wow. I just finished Cry Devil (Edit: Perception. I love the new title!) like literally 30 seconds ago... and wow. This book was amazingly written. Although I am pretty sure not a single good thing happened throughout the whole novel... And it is not my normal type of genre. It is very addicting though!

The characters all seemed very broken, and a couple I still don't what's going on with them. I am pretty sure there is a lot happening that we don't know about yet. *cough*magic or something*cough*

This is a really hard review to write. It has been a while since a book has made my heart pound like this. Really. This book will definitely evoke feeling. Also there is that killer cliffhanger ending. There better be a second book...

The poor main character! She just does not get a break. I mean at the beginning her dad dies and it just goes from there. Another great aspect of this book was the narration. Instead of "I" or "Grace", the author uses "you". This type of unique narration really sucked me into Graces world.

The dialogue between characters flows incredibly well. In fact, the writing is flawless. Grace is very believable and the world she is in is vivid.

In this book there is the subject of Christianity. I do not know how it will come into play in the second book. It did add layers of suspense to the book.

All in all, this book was startling different and haunting. A total killer of a read! I would recommend it to older teens searching for a heart gripping read.

I do not know if the description does justice to the book. I think this book is more focused on Grace and the accident with her Dad than anything else.

Wow, this has been the hardest book to rate. It was so unique though!

4.8/5 stars
I'm still not sure on this rating! So conflicted... this is a really high rating for me.

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