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The Fairest of Them All: A Novel

The Fairest of Them All: A Novel - Carolyn Turgeon 4.5 Stars...

I fell in love with this book from page one. The story of deadly and beautiful magic pulled me in, and the vivid characters had me invested. The Fairest Of Them All is a must-read to all fans of twisted (and I mean twisted) fairytales.

I would also recommend this book to reader's looking for exceptionally stunning and imaginative writing. Carolyn Turgeon weaved her sentences and words into such a lyrical tale. She is one talented writer. The descriptions are lush yet not the drag-on-and-on-and-on kind, and the emotions are painful and real.

Our narrator, Rapunzel and the step-mother of Snow White, is a superbly written character. The readers are rooting for her, even knowing she is just a pawn in a game, and that the game will turn her into a twisted and vain version of her true self. Also, I loved how Snow White is portrayed. You can't help but adore her! She is sweet, beautiful, kind, and sharp.

I also loved the pacing. The book is paced exactly right, and fits to the story. Nothing is rushed, or dragged. Oh yeah! We start with Rapunzel as a young girl and then head through perhaps another 15 years or so. Each part is crucial, from her time hidden amongst the trees up in her tower, to her grand reigning as Queen at the castle. We also get to see Snow White grow, as well as Rapunzel.

Another Key Character is Mathena. Is she good? Evil? What is her story? I found fiery Mathena to be a very interesting and complex character. I think this might even, in part, be her story as well as Rapunzel's.

The plot is also totally awesome and enthralling. And those twists at the end? Oh yeah. If you are a loyal reader you probably know how much I covet the brilliance of an awe-inspiring twist in the story. And, oh boy, did The Fairest Of Them All deliver just that.

Overall, this story was pure genius. I, and I assume many other readers, were emotionally invested into the story from the beginning to the end. Now, Quick! Flynn Rider, Prince Charming, or The Huntsman???