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Find Me

Find Me - Romily Bernard Find Me was a thrilling, unputdownable read! I loved, loved, loved it! I guarantee this novel will leave you mind blown with all it's suspense, action, and romance. Romily Bernard is top on my lists of authors to watch.

The beginning of the book is spectacular. We meet Wick, and already start to feel attached and invested in her story, and see the beginnings of an awesome plot unfold. There are many aspects: the suicide, Tessa, Wick's dad, Wick's new family, the "Find Me" note, and more! There is no slack in the beginning, just how I like it. Never a dull moment!

Wick Tate was a great character. Normally, I have little irritations with my main characters. Sorry, I'm just like that. However, Find Me was a totally different story. Wick felt real, and very likable in her unlikable and flawed way! Her voice is perfect and I love how she could make me want to smile or bang my fists against the wall. Her love for her sister is also very admirable. Overall, she is an A+ heroine.

Griff was another amazing character, who I can't wait to get to know better in the next book (yay!) He is intense, loyal, and has a few secrets of his own tucked up his sleeve. I wish I could have grasped at his personality a lot more in this book. The next big character, Lily, is a very sweet, vivid, optimistic, and lively character. I really felt bad for her during a lot of the book. The poor kid just wants to live safely and happily for a while! Lily Tate was a great addition to Find Me.

The plot and twists were too die for. I seriously applaud Romily Bernard. I. could. not. put. this. book. down. I fear I ignored my family for an hour finishing this book. Not only is the writing addicting, but the twists are masterful and there is the exact right amount of suspense and mystery.

Overall, you all need to read Find Me. It is calling to you "Find Me! Read Me!". Why not listen to the book's cries? Please? In all seriousness, this is an amazing book that will appeal to fans of thrillers, amazingly written heroines, and great twists.

4/5 Stars