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The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead No words. Really. Although, since I am writing this review, I guess I'll have to find some quickly. Wow. This book was plain amazing.

So, let's start with Sydney, shall we? I really liked her most of the time, maybe because she is without a doubt the character I am most similar to, of all the books I've ever read. Which is nice because I can understand her.

In The Golden Lily, she realizes how she has come to care for her vampire friends, even though she is an alchemist. I thought this part was done really well! On a different note, I absolutely loved all of the characters period. They are all totally unique and so darn vivid. Really, I am convinced (Or maybe just desperately hoping) that Adrian is 100% real.

Also, I remember all of the characters' names and features as clear as day which shows how much they stuck with me. I loved reading about Jill and Eddie and Adrian and Dimitri and Sonya and Angeline and Micah and Trey and... well.... I'll stop there so you don't fall asleep, if you haven't already. All the characters are memorable and the dialogue between them flowed well.

This book really keeps you on your toes. So addicting... Cool things just keep happening. I love the little plots Mead incorporates. There are so many. Tattoos, Strigoi, hunters, alchemists etc. I practically finished this book in one day! And really need the next one!

"I turned from him and walked away, refusing to look back."
-The Golden Lily, page 418, very last sentence

And after that last sentence (not telling you who "he" is, hehe.) I am impatiently waiting to buy the Indigo Spell. I mean, isn't that such a mean sentence to end with? Need. Indigo. Spell.

I love how the romances all develop slow and realisticly. Finally. I mean in Bloodlines there was really no romance at all which was so refreshing... and in The Golden Lily I just found my favorite romance of all time!

I did think Zoe, Sydney's sister, would be mentioned and seen in this one more. Apparently I was wrong. Maybe in the next book? I predict there will be some serious sister drama throughout the series. I think the first book fore shadowed that a bit.

Also, Richelle Mead is making me think Vampires exist, her writing is that convincing, awesome, and striking. The setting, explanations, characters, and plots just add to that illusion.

Overall, The Golden Lily is such an amazing sequel, unlike most second books these days! 1000000000% amazing!

5/5 bookcases