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Siege and Storm (Grisha Trilogy (Shadow and Bone))

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo Warning: If you have not read Shadow and Bone, read the book immediately. Then come back and read this review of the second book!

Wow, this is how a good sequel should be done. Siege and Storm was an amazing addition to the Grisha Trilogy! The book had everything I loved about the first book (Shadow and Bone), plus more. This series is quickly becoming one I would recommend to people searching for a refreshing trilogy.

While reading, I was completely sucked into the world. Bardugo has mastered the art of perfect descriptions, explanations, characters, and plots. Also, the fast paced beginning helped. We immediately jump into the action after a re-introduction to the characters and their location. And "the action" includes ships, The Darkling, battles, and A New Character!

A lot of reader have been going on about the new character, Stormhund (He has a lot of other names besides this. However, I am not going to spoil the surprises by telling you!) And now, I completely understand the excited chatter. Stormhund is funny, and surprising. I loved all his identity twists! Is he another love interest? I am not sure. I think Alina, the main character, is still into Mal, her best friend and main love interest. We will see in Ruin and Rising! I am kind of hoping that Stromhund will become a more prominent love interest. His witty comments had me smiling! I think he is a good character. Right Barugo? Please?

Mal, of course, is also a great character. He did seem a little whiny in the second half of the book. Alina is choosing to save the world over spending time with you? What a shame, you should go pout some more! (Note: It really isn't as bad as I made it sound. Mal is great, just the whole ordeal of war is changing him. However, I am still annoyed at his lack of understanding.) Also, the plots are as great as ever! Leigh Bardugo has such an amazing imagination and, as I said before, her ideas are vivid and fully formed. I cannot wait to learn more about the Darkling in the next book, as he is rarely actually seen in Siege and Storm. However, he is often mentioned and the readers never forget about his threats and the danger he imposes.

Overall, I loved Siege and Storm! I loved the characters. Alina is so realistic, and strong! And Stormhond is just so... amazing. I also forgot to mention the amazing character growth (both good and bad) and the realistic faults in all of Bardugo's characters. I felt like everyone I read about was a real person. Seriously, I could pass Alina in the grocery store and barely be fazed. Leigh's writing is that vivid! The series has, so far, been very unique and a definite favorite. Now, is anyone else dying for the hopefully epic finale, Ruin and Rising?

5/5 stars

Sorry if the review was too long! I was a bit more ramble-y than usual.