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Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn Wow, okay I am going to add to this review later. But right now, I just want to get across how much this book sucked me in. I received Another Little Piece in the mail Tuesday and finished it Wednesday (today). This was so unique and stood so far apart from all the other books I have read. So refreshing.

This book is mentally exhausting. There is so much to take in, plus I cried a lot. And, at the end, I was frantically reading and rereading pages trying to take it all in and figure out what was going to happen. Also, there are all these plot and characters you have to keep track of. If you read the book carefully though, the book seems beautiful. After completing the book I flipped to random pages and just slowly reread, the writing is that good. Another Little Piece is definitely book you can read again and again and again and always get something out of it.

The characters are unlike any characters I have ever read, and so it the dialogue. I would call this book almost lyrical in the way it is told. I would go more into characters but I can't really, most of the plot is preventing me. Although I can say all of them were fully formed and memorable. Dex, Logan, Frankie, the mom and the dad, Gwen... all these characters are frighteningly vivid. And the narrative and poems are stunningly powerful.

The content within is not for the faint hearted, I can clearly see how this falls under horror. However, this is another piece that makes the book stand out. I also loved the supernatural aspect. There are some dark monsters, and this book defines exactly what a monster is, and what it is not.

Overall, I loved this book so much more than I expected to! I would totally recommend Another Little Piece to anyone looking for a shockingly lyrical and gory read. Read slowly and carefully though, otherwise you will be lost. And prepare to be brain dead after you finish, in a good way that rarely ever happens with all of those cliche, easier books circling around!

I received an ARC (via Firstreads) in exchange for an honest review. This review will also be posted on my blog closer to the release date.