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Ignited, Vol. 1

Ignited - Desni Dantone The Review:

I really enjoyed Ignited. As soon as I picked the book (e-reader, technically) up, I was sucked into Kris's adventure. I absolutely refused to stop reading. The next book in the series cannot come soon enough!

Kris is a great main character. She is relatable, snarky, and realistic enough that I started seeing her as a real person. Also, she has character growth. By the end, I could see how she was stronger! And I felt her connection with her grandma. Another favorite character, for me at least, is Nathan. At first, I was not a fan of him. At all. Actually, I kind of wanted to punch him when he wasn't giving us information. In the first bit of the book, he is pretty darn silent when it comes to what is happening to Kris. By the end, however, it was a very different story. I now think of him as sweet and protective instead of a jerk.

I really liked the adventure aspect of the book! While the two characters, Kris and Nathan, are traveling I loved how all the action played out. Also, the book never lagged. There was always something happening that kept my interest, whether it was a fighting scene or something fishily magical. However, the book wasn't overly fast paced with no time for development. Also, the plot was perfect. It was creative, with twists, and not to predictable.

The well developed (I'm all about story development today I guess. Sorry!) romance was another favorite part in my opionion. It starts out as witty banter and a bit if tension between the two characters. There is no insta-love or insta-kissing. I am breathing out in palpable relief as I type that sentence, which no one can blame me for, right? Also, the banter and tension was fabulous, if I do say so.

The editing in this book was so amazing! I don't think there was a single mistake which always points to the fact that the author and team worked super hard to make this the best book possible!

Overall, this book was a quality read that I hope many people will experience! I laughed, felt my heart beat out of my chest, smiled, and gasped while reading Ignited. Who doesn't love a good book that creates such wonderful emotions? I cannot wait to continue the series!

Immediately After Reading:
Review to come very soon... I just finished and I need the next book! I don't want to have to leave the world Desni Dantone created