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Sisters Red

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce Sisters Red was an unexpected mix of the Little Red Riding Hood tale and "Werewolves". I mean, isn't that a really cool idea? And Jackson Pearce pulled the idea off perfectly. I especially loved how there were "clans", "potentials", and other intriguing elements. This book is definitely a must-read for fans of retellings, twists, and all things paranormal.

To me, the characters in Sisters Red were the novel's strongest point. Scarlet and Rosie, the inseparable sisters, were pulled off beautifully. They definitely had a strong bond, but you could see how they also wanted different things. Scarlet's passion was the hunt, while Rosie is starting to realize she wants a little more than just to fight the Fenris (wolves). She wants a semi-normal life... or at least to start up some of her own hobbies and maybe pick up a boyfriend. Both of these girls were strong-willed, just in different ways. In the end, the reader will respect both of them.

Silas, Scarlet's best friend who also happens to know about the Fenris, is also a key character to the story. He tries to help both of the sisters by getting Rosie to start thinking more about what she wanted to do beside the hunt, and helping Scarlet realize what Rosie wanted. I also loved all the action and how the whole book was well paced. In the more action-y scenes, I loved Pearce's descriptions and how strong and independent the girls were. And, there was a certain twist at at the end that wow-ed me.

The setting in the little town was wonderful. Once again, I will state that the writing made the whole book feel vivid. Another thing that caught my eye was the strong prologue and epilogue. They were told in 3rd person, unlike the alternating first person point of view from the sisters in the numbered chapters. And they were woven very differently. They were lyrical, beautiful. Although the prologue did have a "very scary and violent and suspenseful" factor to it. And the epilogue had a sense of an ending and beginning.

Overall, Sisters Red was a pretty rockin' story. The tale was lyrical, a touch gory but only in a PG-13 sort of way, touching, humorous, and original. I cannot wait to read more by Jackson Pearce. Also, as a forewarning, I must inform you that this book was pretty addicting. I read Sisters Red in one sitting. You have been warned.

4.8/5 bookcases

I do believe this has companion novels! Have you read this series? What did you think? If not, do you want to read Sisters Red?