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The False Prince: Book 1 of the Ascendance Trilogy

The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen A million, bajillion stars!

Me after I finished the book:

No! Why? How could you? Sage? Imogen? Mott? Don't leave! No... *cries*

As I am writing this... I am still bawling. At least I know I will sleep good tonight...

I probably shouldn't post this yet... public humiliation on a dish anyone?

But I'm crying and there wasn't even a cliffhanger! I just miss all the characters. And I cried a lot during the book too... and I don't normally do that! *cries more*

Jennifer is a genius! That plot twist! Those characters! Arghh!!!!!!!!!! I want to hug some characters in this book and kill others!!!!!!! The emotions!

Edit: There will be a better review posted once I can think straight.