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Vesper: A Deviants Novel

Vesper - Jeff Sampson Okay, I am sorry to say, this just wasn't my book. Terrible characters, cliche plot, forced dialogue, and a setting that was totally one dimensional made Vesper a fail. Some paranormal fans may find this an enjoyable read, but I certainly did not.

Throughout the book I felt like we never got to know Emily. She is totally flat and... ugh. Also, her friend is a terrible friend. And so is her sister. I seriously cannot think of one character I actually liked. They all seemed dumb and not relatable. The plot was boring and cliche. Nothing at all exciting happened. At all. In truth, my eyes glazed over a couple of times.

The ending, by the way, is no ending at all. I think it is supposed to be a cliffhanger but it just left me feeling confused. Everything is very sudden. I also felt like time was really wierd. Sometimes it felt fast or really slow, or I wasn't sure how many days it had been since one scene. This was sorta annoying.

The paranormal aspect...feels pretty non existent for most of the book. The first half of the book was spent seeing Emily do weird things at night and then she wonders why in the morning. The paranormal aspect isn't added in until later. A little too late for my taste.

The cover by the way, is cool. But, it doesn't really match the story. There are some scenes with a window, just I imagined the windows a lot more modern than what is shown on the cover.

Overall, this book could appeal to paranormal fans, but I would never recommend Vesper to any of my friends. I know some people will disagree with me, but this is how I felt.

1.5/5 Bookcases