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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Jacqueline Green Truth or Dare was a suspenseful, addicting read, although it may not be for everyone. I was rushing through the pages to finish. And then wished for the second book, immediately. The one word I think describes this read most is darkly "fun" though. Truth or Dare was just the break I needed.

I have heard that Truth or Dare is often compared to Pretty Little Liars. Admitedly, I have not read the series, but I believe they both have an awesome amount of drama and mystery. Speaking of the mystery aspects, I loved all the suspense built on the da
res! And then that cliff hanger... Ugh!

The characters were nothing short of amazing. They felt realistic and were so vibrant, they jumped right into my head fully formed. I also loved how throughout the book the author added layers of secrets and personality traits to the character... the character growth was pretty awesome!

Another thing I liked about Truth or Dare is how well we get to know the secondary characters. Parents, brothers, friends, enemies, teacher... I remember all their personalities and some even played crucial roles! I applaud the author on how she incorporated so many original characters into the story, and none of them were useless or unnecessary!

The pacing of the book was great. I never felt like the book was moving to slowly. I couldn't it down during the plane ride and car ride (I read it on vacation). Also, I loved that this was a thick book. I needed a nice long read with enough pages to provide character development and a good mystery!

Overall, this comes highly recommended to lovers of YA Drama and Suspense/Mystery. Oh, and I just have to mention that gorgeous cover! It is so suspenseful with a great color scheme... warning that the book is a wild, addictive roller coaster ride in Echo Bay!

4/5 stars

*I received this book via the first reads program on Goodreads. This is a 100% honest review*