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Valkyrie Rising

Valkyrie Rising - Ingrid Paulson Oooh, I really enjoyed this book! And after that synopsis how could you not expect to love it? Valkyrie Rising is an action packed novel that sucked me in and kept me in Norway until I finished the book... amazing! I am so excited to tell everyone about this book...

The characters were nothing short of amazing. Ellie was a great and relatable (and sarcastic) character. I enjoyed reading the story from her perspective. Also, her brother, Graham was a vivid character who learns the some valuable lessons about being a big brother. Tuck, Graham's friend, was also pretty great. Astrid, an evil valkyrie in the beginning, was also fun to read about because her personality and traits were unique and vivid. I hope we see more of all these characters in the second book.

Okay, Norse mythology. Kidnappings. Valkyries. What could be cooler? This novel definitely had a plot to die for. The audience will never be bored, or at least I never was, with all the end-of-your-seat action. I think I read this in half the airplane ride. (P.S This is fun to read on a plane because then you can pretend to be going to Norway!)

There were several "plots" (I may be using this term loosely.) One was about the kidnapping of young men in the Norwedgian fishing village. Another one was the war including the gods. There was the part where Ellie tries to figure out some family secrets, and what she is. And finally, there was the romance between Ellie and Tuck, plus the relationship between Ellie and Graham. All these "plots" joined together to make an awesome story!

The conclusion solves most everything and there was no cliff-hanger, which I liked. However, there is definitely room for more books in the series. And I hope the second one comes out soon! I want more gods, goddesses, valkyries, and action! What will happen next in the war of the gods?

Overall, Valkyrie Rising was an epic read. Fans of mythology, action, and romance will love whipping through the novel like I did.

4.5/5 bookcases