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The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow, #2)

The Faerie Prince - Rachel  Morgan Okay, I had a review all typed, and then I lost it! Ugh :(
So, I will try to type this again! It won't be as long though... Hopefully you get the gist of how much I loved this book though!


As you now know, I absolutely loved this book! After reading the first one, I had high expectations for the Faerie Prince. And they were more than met, they were exceeded! I completely gave up trying to pay attention to the real world and just read...

The characters are as great as ever, especially Ryn. (And one specific sweet scene with a flying carpet!) I wanted to know more about him as he intrigued me in the first book and I got my wish! We learn so much more about him. There is also so much awesome character development!

Vi, the main character, is vivid and her narration pulled me into the world of Creepy Hollow. All the descriptions, ideas, and plots are amazing. I whipped through this book at lightning speed! Also, the characters I felt were unique and memorable! And the dialogue was realistic, fun, and not forced. I am co happy about that cause I am totally picky about my dialogue.

Overall, this is a 100% awesome book. I cannot wait for more from Rachel Morgan, and I would recommend this series to any of my friends. I am actually thinking of getting the paperback copies for my shelves! (And what a pretty cover!)

5/5 bookcases

Sorry, for the jumbled review! Just try to believe me when I say the other review had a bit more flow to it!