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The Faerie Guardian (Volume 1)

The Faerie Guardian (Volume 1) - Rachel Morgan This book was addicting and I found myself rarely even looking up from my e-reader! To me the book started out mediocre but by halfway through I was hooked. I immediately started reading the 2nd book, which has a 5 star review coming later this week, after I finished The Faerie Guardian.

The ideas of a faerie world really intrigued me, and as I was reading, really sucked me in! This may even be my favorite faerie book yet. The world is richly imagined and all the unique powers and gadgets and training kept the readers interested and sets this book apart from other less imagined and creative novels. The Guild and Creepy Hollow are very vivid.

To me all the characters were well developed and unique, although I did have some problems with Nate a first. Violet, Ryn, Tora, and all the other characters were amazing from start to finish though. Violet is a Grade A heroine with her epic faeries skills, witty comebacks, and narration. And Ryn was so awesome, especially as you learn more about him! There are also many realistic feeling and coping methods to grief you see presented in some characters.

The pacing is perfect. I was never bored, not once. There is always action. In the end of the book especially there was a lot of heart pounding action. And everything happening is explained perfectly and in way the readers are pulled into the world. Plus, all the magical abilities add charm to the novel.

One little problem I had with Nate is that he fell for Violet too quickly. However, at least not for Violet I am not sure about Nate, is that it was just more of a "like" relationship. I didn't even really like Nate in the beginning but he really grows into an interesting and really cool character! Although I am pretty sure I'll always like Ryn better as a unique and vivid character.

The ending of this book has you begging for more. I felt as if with every page I read I became more invested. As I have already read the first two books I am impatiently waiting for the third one! This is a series that could rise to my favorites list, so pick up The Faerie Guardian if you have the chance!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would not hesitate to recommend The Faerie Guardian to any of my friends!