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Blue Hearts of Mars

Blue Hearts of Mars - Nicole Grotepas Wow, I enjoyed this tremendously! I loved the world building, the plot, and all the creative ideas. While the book wasn't heart pounding or a "favorites shelf" book, I still was completely sucked in. Such a cool book... The characters were pretty awesome, the romance was sweet, and the book constantly gave off the vibe "Read More!"

The Androids theme was pulled off epicly! On Mars, Androids are considered completely below humans. It is terrible, really. This book is mostly about how much unfairness androids have to endure... and how Retta comes to want to change it, especially when she starts learning more about the "blue hearts". This was my favorite aspect of Blue Hearts of Mars.

In no part was this book boring. I whizzed right through all the pages. I especially loved how the author imagines Mars. The technology, school, and societies (such as one with scary weapons/abilities) all add to the setting. You know, Mars kinda reminded me of a dystopian world... but not quite.

The characters were pretty cool. I loved seeing how Retta changed throughout the novel. Also, the supporting cast was cool; Hemingway and his mother; and Retta's dad, sister, and friend, were all memorable and added to the story, especially since their personalities were sharp and different.

There were many plots in this book, some bigger than others. Most had to do with Androids though which made me happy. I loved learning and exploring this space world filled with mostly nice androids.I could say much more, as I think this book has many layers and discussion topics, but I'll stop here. Blue Hearts of Mars is a highly recommended fast and fun read.

4/5 bookcases

If you love creative novels try this one!