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Poison - Bridget Zinn Oooh, what a happy read!!! *Smiles* Poison is just a spectacular read that most people will enjoy! While the plot is not deep or heart pounding, it is just so fun that it keeps you on your toes.

Most parts in Poison are easy and light. And in "stressful" situations (such as running into a witch worthy of Hansel and Gretel) the author add enough humor into the predicament that the laughing readers will be more worried about their aching sides than the characters lives!

I loved, loved, loved all the fantasy elements. I prefer daggers in my stories to potions, but still Potioneer Kyra's mixtures were pretty cool. Also, magic, witches, and pigs with spells are always around the corner!

Kyra is a pretty darn awesome narrater. Although I did have tiny problems about her trying to kill her best friend, but in the end you learn more about that :) Plus, the whole assasin thing fit the story so I didn't mind that much. Kyra is feisty and a lot of fun. I am pretty sure everyone will enjoy reading about her!

Fred and the pig deserve their own separate paragraph. They are both so funny, cute, and sweet. Rosie, which is what Fred named the little pig, is a real unique sidekick for Kyra! Normally MC's have cats, or dogs, or even dragons as sidekicks. Not Kyra. She has a sweet pig that I would kill for. Fred fits Kyra perfectly. They are both somewhat ridiculous and have awesome banters.

This book is switched from present to past. We learn about Kyra before and after the assassination attempt. I found reading about Kyra and the princess's escapades as children highly amusing and lots o fun! Especially since both girls were strong willed and unique.

Overall, Poison is a masterpiece worthy of that pink little pig shown on the cover. The adventures of Kyra and Rosie are not to be missed.

4/5 bookcases