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Going Vintage

Going Vintage - Lindsey Leavitt Ooh, Going Vintage was much better than I expected! Before I read the book I would have bet I'd give it 3 bookcases. No, this is worth at least 4! (And you know I'm a tough rater) Lindsey Leavitt tells us a witty and sweet story with characters worth cheering for.

Okay, to start out, this book is filled with fab lists! And they are not annoying at all. Just stuff that made me laugh like, really hard! Also, Mallory and the lists go in hand in hand. Mallory is just a lot of fun. She also says some really cool weird and random things.

Oliver, Mallory's ex's cousin, is now one of my favorite male characters in the contemporary genre! Totally. He is funny, and witty, and unique! And, most awesome of all, he laughs at the random things Mallory says. Another epic character is Mallory's sister, Ginny. I love the bond they have.

The family plots are cute. Mallory's mom is hiding something, and so is her grandma. These are added bonuses to the story.

I was surprised the "no technology thing" was as small as it was. I mean, sure, that was part of the book, and generated some fun scenes, but there was much more to Going Vintage than just "no more phones for me." I liked that.

Overall, Going Vintage has awesome characters and epic lists. Whatcha all waiting for? Read it!

4/5 bookcases