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The Samantha Project (The Samantha Project Series #1) (Volume 1)

The Samantha Project - Stephanie Karpinske Hmm, The Samantha Project had potential. And the last half of the book showed it, but the first half. Ooh, the first half...was really, really boring. I am sure that not everyone will think this. You do get to know the characters. So if you don't mind a slow pace, you might enjoy this book. Just to me the first half of the book totally dragged the book down.

Nothing happens for like, 180 pages. We mostly see Samantha at school or moping about her parent's deaths.

After that, she went to a cabin and then kidnapped. Yeah, little more interesting from there. There was more action and I felt a little less as if I were just watching a boring reality TV show. The plot was interesting, once it was actually introduced. The setting was vivid and so action scenes were fun.

I found all the characters pretty cool, except for, uh huh, Samantha. All she really cares about is what other people think. Not good, Sam. Life is gonna be hard. Thankfully, she does get better as the book progresses. The other characters were well thought out. So no need to worry about boring side characters!

Overall, this was not my book. The beginning was so slow, and patience is not one of my virtues. I do think people with more patience and than I will enjoy this unique novel though.

2/5 bookcases