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Deadgirl - B.C.  Johnson Deadgirl is a very confusing, long novel yet fortunately has a very likable main character. It was worth the read. Although I must admit to skimming some of the middle. I do wish it had been shortened.

The characters, whom I didn't find extremely memorable, were still realistic. Lucy is definitely a heroine to root for, and pity. She has many struggles. Yet I did love how she could still joke once in a while. And Abraham felt like a very well written character as well. I also felt the dialogue in the book was natural. This was a relief as I have recently read a couple books with incredibly forced dialogue. This made the book easier to read.

My favorite part of the book is the ending. It is open and very well-written. Maybe there will be sequel. I know some readers won't be satisfied by the ending. I, however, absolutely loved the atmosphere in the ending. Kind of hopeful, yet with the knowledge of many struggles ahead. The ending is the most memorable part of the story.

The ideas in the book would have been great, if pulled off correctly. Unfortunately, I don't think that they were. At least not at the beginning. The transitions are really confusing. BAM. Lucy is here. BAM. Now she is here. Etc. The beginning felt very jumbled. By the end of the book I was a little more warmed up to the deadgirl thing.

I also liked Lucy's friends. While their personalities weren't completely unique, they were still interesting to read about. Especially since the end leaves you wondering about one! That is all I will say.

Overall, I did enjoy Deadgirl. It definetely did have it's flaws though, and I will not be rereading it.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

3/5 bookcases