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Sworn to Raise: Courtlight #1

Sworn to Raise - Terah Edun
Very unique world
Mostly interesting characters
A plot to enjoy

Setting was the best
Imagination spills out
Villages and towns

Killer libraries
Castles, kitchens, carriages
vivid around me

People weren't formed well
Ciardis especially
Could have been stronger

I did like some though
A select few had fire!
But only a few

Interesting read
Not very recommended
Was not bad, nor great

Well, this was a hard review to write! I didn't feel strongly one way or the other with this book. The ideas and setting were good, but I did not like Ciardis. I know some will though, and I am sure others will find it enjoyable.

The book tells us Ciardis is strong, and sometimes she is. (I do like it when she is feisty!) But not all the time. She cries at a little bullying, nearly in front of the bully! Not a good idea, she should have known that. Other times she is unreasonable. And her dialogue felt incredibly forced. Her personality kind of bounces, with no depth.

As I said in my attempt of a poem, the world and magic was great. The ending was epic too! I loved the setting! Just not my type of characters. And for me, characters are the key to what books I like and don't. Anyone agree with me?

3/5 bookcases
I liked it, kinda. But I won't read it again. I am glad I read it though! For fantasy lovers, I would say give this a try! If you are already reluctant to read the genre, though, I wouldn't,

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

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