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Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles)

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Oh, why on Earth (and Luna) do I have to wait so long for the next book? Cress, the third book, comes out in 2014! I am going to die!

I loved Scarlet even more than Cinder. The characters are amazing, the plot thickens, and you receive the same witty dialogue you had in the first book. Marissa Meyer is a genius! This book leaves nothing to be desired (except for a third book in your hands, ready to read.)

The book starts off with scarlet meeting wolf, and learning from her father that her grandmere is held captive by tattooed torturers. I really liked scarlet and wolf. A lot more than I thought I would, actually. Scarlet is smart, sassy, and has a temper. Wolf is, well, mysterious and kind, with some secrets of his own that have you questioning his motives.

In the beginning, Cinder is escaping prison with the help of another criminal, Thorne. I do love cinders story. Scarlet just expands on her lunar abilities and role of playing princess Selene. Thorne, a new character, is quite enjoyable to. Some people say he will take part in a love triangle between, him, the prince, and Cinder. I am not so sure though, in this book he seems interested in other girls, and the prince and Cinder still have a attraction to each other they deny. I wish we got to see more of the Prince Kai, even though we got some chapters narrated by him.

The sci fi world in The Lunar Chronicles is totally awesome and astounding. Cyborgs, Space Ships, ID chips, and more punctuate the story and create a vivid, unforgettable setting. I do love the covers to these books, they fit the book perfectly. I hope they come out with a cover for cress soon! The dialogue in Scarlet is realistic and fits with each characters personality, and with the Sci fi setting.

Overall, I would recommend this to any and all fans of Cinder. The story is an amazing, action packed adventure, with characters you will never forget.

5/5 stars

P.S Am I the only one who wishes someone will tell Prince Kai about the true identity of Princess Selene?