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Goddess Boot Camp (Oh. My. Gods.)

Goddess Boot Camp (Oh. My. Gods.) - Tera Lynn Childs Goddess bootcamp definitely wasn't as good as the first book in this series, Oh. My. Gods. However, I did enjoy learning more about Phoebe, Stella, Griffin, and even Adara.

My favorite part in this book was definitely the scenes with Phoebe and Stella. We see how both of them actually care for one another. And we find out how Stella has her own crush she's pining for!

Daemon and Phoebe's mom were there, always supportive of Phoebe's uncontrollable powers.

I found the whole theme, controlling your powers, quite unoriginal. I mean, how many authors use that plot line? Like 500 million! (Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, just a little) anyway, I found the whole newfound power thing quite boring. The author hardly even put her own twist on it!

Griffin is as amazing as ever. But, of course, I liked the romantic tension in the first book better...

All in all, I enjoyed learning more about some wonderful characters, but I won't be reading this again!

2.5 stars- I liked it, in the way a person likes a remote control, we always worship the tv more!