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Uninvited (South Hills Sidekicks, #1)

Uninvited (South Hills Sidekicks, #1) - Leah Spiegel,  Megan Summers Uninvited was a pretty awesome read! The book doesn't take itself too seriously yet I was still intrigued by the story and mystery. It was even more enjoyable after reading a few darker reads beforehand. I gobbled this light book up, even though I am not always one for the genre. I would recommend Uninvited to anybody looking for a reading vacation.

I really enjoyed Ally's narration. For the most part, she is very likable, and very vivid. I have the feeling we could be friends! Also, she made me laugh out loud a lot. Speaking of laughing, my favorite character, Shane, had many comments that had me bursting out in laughter. The witty banter between the two characters was incredibly entertaining. (Note: This is more of a fun, intriguing read than a serious, thriller mystery.) And it is fun watching all the trouble Ally and Val get into as they meddle!

Ally's best friend, Val, was an amusing character to add to the cast. She is clumsy, and endearing, and stubborn! (And loyal. Wow. Another adjective.) On another note, I really enjoyed the romance. It was not insta-love! Yes. Also, the couple didn't even kiss in this first book. The fact that the romance was sweet, fun, and realistic earned Uninvited serious bonus points in my book! I really hate it when a book just dives straight into a romance between two characters after a couple chapters and the reader is left behind wondering what on earth happened.

The one thing that kind of bothered me was that I felt like most of the people in Ally's clique were not genuinely good people. Are the readers supposed to feel that way? Hmm. You know what? I am not going to think about that now. I enjoyed the book too much. I read the whole book in one sitting. Also, I loved the mystery. I enjoyed picking up clues about what happened to Kristen. The authors seem to have put the perfect dose of fun and mystery into the book. And who doesn't love all the juicy secrets?

Overall, I ended up really liking the beginning book in the South Hills Sidekicks series. I will definitely be picking up the second book in the future. This book is a perfect novel to bring to the beach... so keep your eye on this book! Uninvited was fun, clever, addicting, and entertaining! Wow, upon re-reading my own words, I think I went adjective-crazy in this review. Nothing is wrong with that, right?