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Poison Dance

Poison Dance: A Novella - Livia Blackburne Wow! Poison Dance was an amazing novella that left me salivating for Midnight Thief. The story is one you don't want to miss!

For those of you just hearing about this novella, Poison Dance is a novella surrounding James, a supporting character in the upcoming Midnight Thief. Also note, the novel Midnight Thief will be published by Disney-Hyperion in Summer 2014, so you can read this novella now to excite you about the release and get a early look into the world Livia Blackburne has created.

High Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre, earning itself the position after I devoured Tamora Pierce and Jessica Day George's many series, so needless to say, I had high expectations. Thankfully, my flying hopes were met. James's story was powerful, intriguing, and a great introduction to this new world.

Within the mere 54 pages, I actually felt like I connected to James, Thalia, and the rest of the cast. James had this cool and fascinating demeanor... I immediately wanted to know his story and secrets! Thalia was a very well written character, with her air of confidence and determination to murder a certain nobleman.

There is never a dull moment. Within the Assassin's Guild, many things are happening. Thalia is plotting a murder, James is teaching her, and there is a new leader that may just make James' and his friends lives more complicated.

You would think a novella, being a good but shorter than a 350 page book, wouldn't leave much of an impact on you. Wrong. By the end of Poison Dance, I definitely was filled with emotion, and I will report that the author ends James's story with a bang.

Overall, the superb world building, characters, amazing ending, dialogue, and writing in Poison Dance makes this novella a satisfying read. I know that myself and many others are anxiously awaiting Midnight Thief. Who wouldn't be counting the days 'till Midnight Thief after reading Poison Dance?

4.5/5 Stars (rounded up to five!)

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