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Losing Francesca

Losing Francesca - J.A. Huss Losing Francesca literally sucked me in... and didn't let me out until I finished the last page. I loved the characters, mystery, romance, and the originality. (And I cannot let that gorgeous cover go unnoticed) I am so glad I got the chance to read this book, and I will definitely look into more of J.A. Huss's writing.

The characters were one of the main things that sucked me into Francesca's world, her new one and old one. She herself was quite a mystery at first, as the readers are not sure who her dad is, and other key factors of her past. This hidden information intrigued me. Also, I absolutely loved her narration and character development. She is stubborn, but is having a little bit of an identity crisis towards the middle of the book. I also loved Brody. At first, he seemed a little, er, dramatic? However, as I learned more about him, I began to crave the chapters with his narration.

There are tons more characters I loved too. Shaun, Francesca's adoptive brother, was a character I loved. He had his faults, but I loved how he tried to include Francesca into the family. Also, I enjoyed learning about the family Francesca spent her life with before she was recognized as a kidnapped child. They were different and unique, yet had a realistic quality. To me both Shaun and Francesca's childhood family were very vivid.

Now I must mention the plot. The whole time, I was pulled into the mystery of who Francesca really was. And there was an amazing twist at the end. I applaud the author for pulling such a sweet yet intriguing and suspenseful contemporary romance! Also, I loved the multiple settings and detailed yet not over-the-top descriptions. (NormallyI mention pacing and length but I do not have much to say as it was perfect here.) I believe I have said this word before in the review, but I found the story very vivid and as I read I lost sense of the reality around me.

Overall, I found Losing Francesca more than worth of my time. The book was, simply put, pretty amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to fans of unique contemporaries! Or, really, any book lover out there. And now head down for an amazing giveaway... And put this book on your to-read-as-soon-as-possible list imaginary hard drive. And don't deny it, all reader's have that list stored in their brains.